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Zmotion: Wireless 3D Space Presenter


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Z-motion can be use for several occasion such as:

Business presentation,Seminars, Exhibition, General presentation and also for teaching in school / university.

Z-Motion has slim & stylish design:
Size: 26.5 x 128.5 x 11mm
Weight: 45gr
So, it could fit anywhere in your pocket or in your bag.


Z-Motion have multiple functions such as : 

  • LASER POINTER : Red Light
  • LASER BEAM : With 4 different shape & size
  • PEN : In case of drawing line under specific/ important words / phrases / sentences and to draw any picture / letter you would like to show on the screen.
  • HIGHLIGHT PEN : In case of marking specific/ important words / phrases / sentences.
  • CLIP ART : With several choices.
  • SPOT LIGHT : If you want to bright only specific parts on the screen.
  • ZOOM : If you want to magnify any parts to emphasize.
  • VIRTUAL KEYBOARD : to input letters.

Harga : Rp. 1,100,000
Pengiriman : Box and Leather Case
Keterangan : Z-Motion is a 3D space wireless presenter with 6-axis Xyro system & Cruiz Core Technology. Z-motion can be use to replace your mouse function by moving your wrist on the space to control computer cursor

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